Arthur Wood's Daily Journal

What to write?

Well, this is a blog for those untalented writers out there who want to discuss the craft of writing OR discuss books OR poetry BUT whatever one's aim it should be to benefit either you (the author) or other writers.

Just responding to a post or posting something makes you a writer--so, simply put, being a hack writer is the easiest thing in the world BUT being a hack writer that wants to be a "good" writer is not.

Feel free to post your writing to be workshopped by all who dare to read an unpublished writer and comment on their work. For the faint of heart who believe their material is so original that someone would steal their idea, remember--it's all been said and done before AND ultimately, it's the writers voice and style that makes a story or what-have-you unique SO this idea that people steal people's stories and go on to become published millionaires is preposterously inane and presumptiously laquicious--simply put, stupid. If you feel otherwise, feel free to sound off like you have a pair.

Most importantly, I would love for those who wish to participate in this blog to embrace diversity and at the same time realize that one's writing is not one's self. So, write without self-censorship. Use the word fuck if you have to and most of all help me to help you to help us make this the best blog for all the hack writers of the world.


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