Humidity in a Forest of Fruit

Give me that raspberry ass, teenage sass
upper class cutie with more meat than sweater
pussy tight as her leather

Caribbean tanned soft and brown
swedish nymph on location
so hot be giving perspiration

Inspiration for further stimulation
not of man’s creation. A Colombian
South American mirage of luxury

Mangoes, peaches, and the coca leaf
pink pagoda umbrella floating in ice
cold gin in the drink

I think I don’t know
whether or not
your ready to go with
this flow blowing out the fuse box
giving supreme court judges dreadlocks;

Exportation, Exploitation, the occupation
of a white nigger that got more money
than Fort Knox got locks
glocks pop for champagne
filled marble tubs with
zillion dollar bubs

Girls naked applying Lubriderm
Things just took a turn
fell off a cliff


Wile E. and me
smoke a spliff.
Grab your mind and go on a trip
through a french vineyard.

Ten years later,
on flight double O one
back to California where
the girls swallow more than Kobyoshi

Kurosawa is the state of a mind
similar to Maine
lines fiber optic synapsis,
electric reactions
sending volts to the brain
neon flash bulb orgasms
know how to have fun

the cause is to roll another one
like oriental rugs
chicken chop suey
Kielbasa rub
spritzes when
the fix

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