The Terror of All Cunts


Death On The Installment Plan


Louis Ferdinand-Celine(Destouches)

from Death...

"Once you've looked at a thing, you ought to remember it forever...Don't force your intelligence...it's reason that gums everything up...Give your instinct a chance...Once it gets a good look, the game is won...It'll never deceive you."

"Foreseeing that I'd be a thief, my father blared like a trombone. One afternoon Tom and I had emptied the sugar bowl. It was never forgotten. But that wasn't my only fault. In addition my behind was always dirty, I didn't wipe myself, I didn't have time, that was my justification, we were always in too much of a hurry...I never wiped myself properly, I always had a sock coming to me...and hurried to avoid it...I left the can door open so as to hear them coming...I shat like a bird between two storms"

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